Life Members

Jackie Bond (NGFNL Board)

Jackie Bond (NGFNL Board)

Jackie’s Association with the NGFNL started back in the early nineties as a player with the Traralgon Tyers United Netball club, which in those days was part of the North Gippsland Netball Association. 

Jackie enjoyed a long and successful playing career and played in excess of 200 games with TTU.

She is a five-time premiership player, which is thought to be the most premierships of any senior player at TTU in either netball or football.

Jackie also coached various grades in that time and was the netball delegate for several seasons at TTU.

She also enjoyed a number of awards for her playing ability and was equal best and fairest for TTU in A Grade in 2001. Jackie played a significant role in the relocation of the netball courts to their current position and was voted the best club person at TTU in the 2001 and 2002 seasons.

After the amalgamation of the TTU football and netball clubs in the early 2000s Jackie served on the TTU committee, including a stint as vice-president, and in 2003 was rewarded for her service to TTU with a Life Membership. In 2016, TTU introduced the Hall of Fame concept and Jackie was one of the first inductees.

Jackie has served on the Board since 2010 and was made the league vice-president in 2014 – a position she holds today.

Jackie is held in high regard by the netball community, inside and outside of the NGFNL, and is passionate about the NGFNL brand, particularly in regard to netball.

Her insight into netball rules, and her planning and organisation skills have driven our competition to be what it is today.

Together with Kristy Lucas, Jackie has formed a fantastic duo that conducts the netball aspects of the league in a professional manner.

Jackie’s achievements and her service to the game of netball in the NGFNL are significant and she richly deserves her life membership.

David "Dirty" Kyle (NGFNL President)

David "Dirty" Kyle (NGFNL President)

It’s my pleasure to present the League’s highest honour of a Life Membership tonight.

I want to let you all know straight away that this honour is being bestowed on our President David “Dirty” Kyle for the service he has given to NGFNL Football & Netball

A little bit of history about Dirty for your information

Dirty grew up in Bairnsdale and Played Senior Football for Bairnsdale as a teenager.  He soon made a name for himself as a tough long kicking defender

Dirty’s work in the bank meant that he transferred to various branches over a number of years and he found himself in Traralgon where he began playing for Nambrok in the then NGFNL from mid to the late 80’s

Further employment moves saw him moving to the big smoke and then back to Traralgon where played out at Churchill when they were in the Latrobe Valley League.

Dirty’s final games of Football were spent out at TTU where he coached for 2 years in the mid ninety’s

David was in his early 40’s when he finished his playing career, and his exact game tally is not known but is estimated to be close to 400 games of Senior football.  Along the way he collected a couple of League Best & Fairests

Dirty left the bank and started his local business Brentcorp and in 2005 was convinced to join the NGFNL Board.  He was elected onto the Board as a Director in 2005. 

In 2006 Dirty also started an umpire career with the Sale Umpires, and in doing so was instrumental in fostering the close relationship with that Association that we have today.  Last year he was awarded a 10 year certificate with the SUA and remains a active and highly respected Senior Umpire with that group.

In December 2010 was elected to the position of League Vice President under Graeme Hemming, and in December 2011 was elected to the position of our President a position he holds today.

So in summary Dirty has been involved as a player with three of our clubs, has been an active Umpire in our League for 11 seasons, has been on the Board for 11 seasons, with last 5 seasons as our President making him the longest serving President in the history of the NGFNL since the current structure which combined with Netball in 2000

As our President, there is no doubt that Dirty’s leadership is unparalleled, and it is amazing where this man finds the time to combine a heavy work load of running his Business and  leading our Board

He is an inspiration writer that we all have seen in the Tagger over the years, and I am going to let the cat out of the bag here and tell you all that he has also written a couple of seasons of articles in the Tagger under the pen Name of “Netball Nancy” His articles under the “Netball Nancy” name were sometimes controversial and thought provoking, but always for the good of our League and our Netball competition in particular.

Dirty has the rare ability to inspire and motivate with both his written and verbal communication,  and is passionate about “Our Brand” and the need to continually improve “Our Brand” He is the major reason why Our Brand is highly regarded in local sports circles today.  He never misses the opportunity to promote “Our Brand” on every occasion.

I know Dirty could not hope to be as involved in the League as he is today without the love and support of wife Michelle, and on behalf of the NGFNL I want to thank Michelle for loaning him to us for the 9 to 10 months of the year that is footy & netball season nowadays

I have come to appreciate, and admire Dirty over the last 11 years that he has been involved in our League, and I am proud to call him a friend, so nothing gives me greater pleasure than to present him with a Life Membership of the NGFNL tonight.

Pauline Bayley (NGFNL Administrator)

Pauline Bayley (NGFNL Administrator)

Elected 2011 – North Gippsland Football Netball League

Commenced playing Netball with Gormandale in 1973, and played through to 1996; in that time she played in excess of 300 games for the club in Grades from A down to C Grade featuring in Club Best & Fairests in that time.

Pauline was Captain of the B Grade Premiership team in 1991.

1995 League Runner up Best & Fairest in C Grade

In her time at the Netball Club she acted as Treasurer and Coached in the junior grades. She was given a Life Membership of the Gormandale Netball Club in the late 80’s.

Pauline was also active on the ladies committee of the club for many years resulting in the Football Club giving her a Life Membership in 1995.

Pauline’s first involvement at League level was in 1988 when she took on the results and registration Secretary position for the North Gippsland Netball Association, which was rotated amongst clubs in those days.

In 1995 it was Gormandale’s turn again, and Pauline took on the League role again along with the Treasurers job; she kept the results and registration part of the role through to when it became part of the administrators role in 2006.

Pauline was elected as the first Netball Director on the newly formed affiliation of the Football League and the Netball association in 2000 and retained that spot through to 2003.

In 2006 Pauline was elected NGFNL Administrator and has held that position until today.

In summary Pauline has been responsible for the Netball Competition results and registrations since 1995, and with the exception of the last few years has carried out the role without any financial compensation.

J. Barnett (NGFNL Tribunal)

J. Barnett (NGFNL Tribunal)

Elected 2010 – Presented 2011 North Gippsland Football Netball League

John Barnett joined the Tribunal Panel in 1986, and through a period of 25 years John has been an exemplary member; no-one could question his integrity or fairness when making a decision as a Tribunal member.

D. Butler (NGFNL Tribunal)

D. Butler (NGFNL Tribunal)

Elected 2010 – North Gippsland Football Netball League

In 1985 the Leagues’ Secretary John Slayford asked David Butler to join the Tribunal Panel.

Over those years David would have attended 7 plus Tribunals a year, that would have have added up to be a total of 170 – 200 Tribunal Hearings.

David has shown great honesty and integrity over his 25 years on the Tribunal, and has a great feel for what is fair and just in our great game.

J.Brady (Tribunal Secretary)

J.Brady (Tribunal Secretary)

Elected – 2008 North Gippsland Football Netball League

  • John commenced his involvement with Glengarry back in 1959 when he was a mascot that year in the Glengarry Premiership team photo
  • John played Junior football and went on to play Senior Football for Glengarry from 1969 to 1981
  • In 1971 he played in a Glengarry Premiership
  • In 1972 he won a Best & Fairest for Glengarry
  • He was an active committee member for Glengarry from 1975 to 1993 a total of 14 years
  • John was Glengarry President in 1984 the year of a premiership, and in 1988, & 1991
  • He was President of the Past Players and Officials club for Glengarry from 1985 to 1999 and also in the centenary year of 2003
  • Was made a Life Member of the Glengarry FNC in 1998
  • Was a member of the Glengarry Rec Reserve Committee from 1983 to 1999
  • He had a big involvement in getting new club rooms for Glengarry
  • Has worked on the gate for many years and still does for Glengarry home games

While the above list of achievement is significant, it is his involvement directly with the League that I feel should be recognized with a life membership. His achievements are as follows:-

Was the Glengarry FNC delegate to the League for 8 years and it that time attended an estimated 80 meetings

Commenced his role of NGFNL Tribunal Secretary in 1995, and has held that position until today. In that time it would be estimated that he has attended in excess of 200 tribunal nights and probably seen over 300 cases. His expertise as a Tribunal Secretary is second to non

John is the Leagues unofficial historian, with his work leading up to the NGFNL 50 year celebration exceptional in filling out the many gaps in the leagues records.

His history pieces in the Tagger are very much a part of the Grand Final Tagger tradition from year to year

John is a quiet, modest achiever with a real passion for Football.

In talking to John over the years he has a great feel for what is fair and just in our game of football.

G.Bayley (NGFNL Board)

G.Bayley (NGFNL Board)

Elected – 2007 North Gippsland Football Netball League

Gordon commenced his involvement with the North Gippsland Football League as a player with the Gormandale Football Club in 1973.

In 1975 he won the Gormandale FC Senior Best and Fairest and was named as full back in the League Publicity Officers Senior Team of the Year.

Gordon finished his football career at Gormandale at the end of the 1984 season having played in excess of 200 games for the club. He was made a Life Member of the Gormandale FC at the end of the 1984 season.

Gordon was appointed to the position of Gormandale’s Treasurer in 1985 and held that position through to the end of the 1995 season during which time the club enjoyed 5 Senior Premierships over the 11 seasons.

Apart from representing Gormandale at various League delegates meetings while Gormandale Treasurer, Gordon’s direct involvement with the League commenced in 1994 when he was approached by the then League President Ian “Squizzy” Taylor, and agreed to take over the Leagues Treasurers position from retiring Secretary/Treasurer John Slayford.

Gordon held the position of NGFL Treasurer from 1994 until the creation of the North Gippsland Football Netball League and the Board system in 2000, when he then became the League Financial Director holding a position on the first NGFNL Board.

Following the resignation of the then League General Manager Diane Goddard midway through the 2005 season, Gordon was appointed to the position of NGFNL General Manager and continued the Financial role as well. He continues to carry out those duties for the League.

D. Jeffries (NGFNL Board)

D. Jeffries (NGFNL Board)

Elected – 2006 North Gippsland Football Netball League

Daryl first became involved as the Nambrok Football club delegate from 1988 through to 1990.

Daryl followed his son to Rosedale and became a club delegate in 1994 or 1995 through to the formation of the Board system in 2000

Daryl was an inaugural member of the Board in 2000 and in 2001 was elected League Vice President a position he held also in 2002. He got the travel bug in 2003 but stayed on the Board as a Director, a position he held through to last season when he took over the role of President which he held until 2008. As you will all be aware, Daryl’s forte since being on the Board is Sponsorship, and almost single handedly Daryl has raised for the League a figure of in excess of $160,000 over the past 7 seasons.

There is a lot more value in Daryl to the League & Clubs than just what he raises in Sponsorship. Daryl is a people’s person and communicates well to Supporters, Players, Officials, fellow Board members as well as the corporate world in his role as President and Sponsorship Director.

G.Eddy (NGFNL Tribunal)

G.Eddy (NGFNL Tribunal)

Elected – 2006 North Gippsland Football Netball League. Pictured with Ron Barassi & President NGFNL Daryl Jeffries.

Graeme represented the game of Football as a player, Coach and a member of the NGFL Tribunal over a period of 50 years.

Played two seasons with the Carlton thirds VFL. One season with Carlton 2nds, VFL. Played 199 games with Heyfield Football Club in the Latrobe Valley League.

Club Best & Fairest 1965, Runner up League Best & Fairest 1965, Coached, Rosedale Football Club 1967,68,69. Senior team runner up 1967.

Equal League Best & Fairest 1967. Rosedale Best & Fairest 1977 aged 37, played over 100 games with Rosedale & coached Rosedale Junior team for several years.

Represented the League at Interleague level and was nominated as a member of the NGFL Tribunal in 1984 and still currently serves.

L.Harris (Secretary NGFL)

L.Harris (Secretary NGFL)

Elected – 2000 North Gippsland Football League

1972 – 1984 Committee person, Treasurer, Secretary President & Life Member of the Rosedale Football Club.

1991 – 1994 Committee person, Publicity Officer & Treasurer of the Nambrok Football Club.

1994 – 1999 NGFL League Secretary/Administrator

2010 – Current NGFNL Board Member

J.Hood (Nambrok & Gormandale)

J.Hood (Nambrok & Gormandale)

Elected – 1975 North Gippsland Football League. Jim Hood was Vice President of the League in 1971 and then held the President’s role from 1973 to 1975. He then became a Board member in 2001.

Jim is currently the Leagues investigator and has been doing that role for a number of seasons. He retired from this role at the end of 2010.

The picture to the right is Jim Hood making a presentation to David Kyle, the winner of the Umpires Awards for 2007. Jim’s family has donated this award since 2002.

S.Cooper (Cowwarr FNC)

North Gippsland Football and Netball League

S.Cooper (Cowwarr FNC)

Elected – 2003 North Gippsland Football Netball League

Steve has had some 29 years on the Cowwarr FC Committee in some shape or form.

  • President Cowwarr FC 1985 – 1988, 1996 – 2001
  • Life member Cowwarr FC 1991
  • Club Delegate 1984 until Board of Managment was formed
  • NGFL Junior Vice President 1984 – 1985
  • NGFL Senior Vice President 1986

G.Davidson (Cowwarr/Glengarry FNC)

Elected – 2001 North Gippsland Football Netball League Graeme Davidson was League Vice President in 1996 and went on to become League President on the 19/3/1997 to 2000 inclusive.

P.Komen (Heyfield)

Elected : 1998 North Gippsland Football League

I.Taylor (Toongabbie)

Elected – 1997 North Gippsland Football League. Ian Taylor (Squizzy) was Vice President in 1990 and went on to become President of the NGFL from 1991 to 1995.

D.Hore (Gormandale)

Elected – 1990 North Gippsland Football League

A.Chivers (Heyfield)

Elected – 1990 (Heyfield) North Gippsland Football League A. Chivers was League Vice President in 1985 and from 1986 through to 1988 he was League President.

N.Schroeter (Gormandale)

Elected – 1983 North Gippsland Football League. Noel Schroeter was President of the NGFL from 1976 to 1982. He was also Vice President 1983

G.Bland (Glengarry)

Elected – 1972 North Gippsland Football League. George Bland was League President in 1971 and 1972, became Vice President in 1975. George also had the Thirds Best & fairest medal named in his honor.

E.Bennett (Maffra Rovers)

Elected – 1970 North Gippsland Football League. E. Bennett was League Vice President from 1966 to 1968

F.King (Glengarry)

Elected – 1970 North Gippsland Football League

M.Phelan (Traralgon)

Elected – 1968 North Gippsland Football League

A.Templeton (Traralgon)

Elected – 1968 North Gippsland Football League

L.Schacht (Nambrok)

Elected – 1968 North Gippsland Football League.

Lloyd Schacht was Vice President in 1964 and was elected League President from 1965 to 1968 and later had the League’s Reserves medal named in his honor.

C,McCubbin (Traralgon)

Elected – 1968 North Gippsland Football League

C.L. Burley (Rosedale)

Elected – 1964 Sale/Cowwarr Football League Cel Burley was League Secretary from 1955 to 1983, he was also Treasurer from 1955 to 1982.

The League Senior Best and Fairest Medal has been named in his honor.

M.King (Glengarry)

Elected – 1964 Sale/Cowwarr Football League M.King was Vice President of the League in 1964

T.V. Smith (Newry)

Elected – 1963 Sale/Cowwarr Football League T.V Smith was League Vice President in 1956 & 1962 became President in 1963.

Wing Commander - C. George (RAAF)

Elected – 1962 Sale/Cowwarr Football League Wing Commander C. George was League President in 1962

W.Thatcher (Rosedale)

Elected – 1961 Sale/Cowwarr Football League League Vice President in 1960 and became President in 1961.

D.Sunderman (Cowwarr)

Elected – 1960 Sale/Cowwarr Football League League Vice President in 1959 and became President in 1960

E.Pettigrew (Boisdale)

Elected – 1959 Sale/Cowwarr Football League League Vice President in 1958 and became President in 1959

R.King (Glengarry)

Elected – 1958 Sale/Cowwarr Football League, League President in 1958

F.Peel (Newry)

Elected 1957 – Sale/Cowwarr Football League, League President 1957

Brother Geoffrey (St Patricks College)

Elected 1956 – Sale/Cowwarr Football League

H.Huffer (Gormandale)

Elected – 1955 Sale/Cowwar Football League. League President for one year in 1955